Our support service includes

Making initial contact with the teacher candidate (initial screening, receiving resume, communication with agent)

Assessing candidate’s suitability for position (Step 1) in terms of motivation, goals, work experience, do your goals/expectations match English schools needs?)

Assessing candidate’s suitability for position (Step 2) in terms of qualifications? Check criteria to be sponsored for a work visa in Japan.

Arrange face-to-face interviews (skype) with candidates-prospective employers-agents; set up good channels of communication

More details on job content; positions vary from nursery school English, public school (ALT) positions, teaching children, business English, students with varied backgrounds

Advice on preparation to come to Japan (will you require a drivers license? When will you receive your first pay?)

Advice on living in Japan (living costs, accommodation, food, salary)

Job training

Work conditions advice