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Recruiting of native English speaking Instructors to meet the needs of a changing education system – major changes in 2020.

University entrance examinations until now have been characterized by written content, but will begin to include a spoken component – Practical Communication English.
In preparation for this, at elementary school, English will become a tested subject from 5th Grade, and from 3rd Grade, English lessons will be included in the curriculum.

Both public and private schools are getting in line to combat this. Rapid changes are being seen in the form of new technology based education tools, increases in the number of teachers and introduction of new teaching methods.

Heading these changes is a call for more native English speaking instructors.

The number of native English speaking instructors already in Japan cannot meet the demand – so we are seeking to contribute to improvements in the situation by recruiting new teachers from abroad.

We are seeking to contribute to improvements in English education by sourcing native English speaking Instructors through Japanese recruiters based outside of Japan, and matching these instructors with various language teaching institutions around Japan.

Our network is made up of Meigaku-kan Wada-juku (with approx. 800 students), OP-NET English Institute (approx. 800 students), and 112 private English schools and study centers which act as agents for ISC Study Abroad, which has arranged study programs for over 900 students.
As a private institution with a history of over 40 years, Lighthouse Education has specialized in developing personnel in a variety of areas.

The English schools and study centers within the Lighthouse Education Group already employ several native English instructors. The experience we have gained by working together with such instructors provides us with a strong footing, from which to start recruiting good instructors from around the world.

We are looking forward to providing you with native English instructors!

GET(Global English Teachers)
Lighthouse Solution Inc
chairman OBA,Noriyukid
Campany Name Lighthouse Solution Incorporated
Address 5-28-2 Sanarudai, Nakaku, Hamamatsushi, Shizuoka, 432-8021, Japan
Directors OBA, Noriyuki [BLOG]
Founding Date March 31, 2017
Capital \20, 000, 000
Philosophy “Our activities are for the children, lighting up the world, to guide them into the future.”
Beyond providing educational support, English instruction, we support development of youth and human resources through study abroad programs and childcare with English.

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